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House is me

We, as PURESPACE, find it valuable in terms of creating a memory, to make the eclipses we are experiencing now visible on a creative platform and then to turn it into an archive through our project House is me.

During this time that we are staying inside voluntarily, in our homes as a space, how do we relate to ourselves, to our body, and to all the things we interact with? How do the new distance and proximity definitions arising during this time, when the real and the virtual are interchanged, reflect on us?

During the first stage of this project, we have presented the submitted works on an online viewing platform. Then, we aim to turn this platform into an archive, so all that is now will be remembered. When we are able to safely go back outside, we will organize a night at PURESPACE’s studio ps02 in Bomonti to celebrate being together again and the potential the echoes of what we just lived through holds for turning into new collaborations. Ultimately, we aim to provide both social awareness and sustainability of the project by displaying House is me project at locations such as Istanbul, Ankara, Eskişehir and İzmir at certain intervals.

You can view the submitted short performance videos on the House is me page.


As PURESPACE, in the Co-Solo project we initiated, we will be hosting artists from the performing arts discipline every Wednesday and Friday during May.

The Co-Solo project is a proposal which we hope will shape itself in a reality, in which we are meeting almost all our needs and living our lives on virtual media. It is also a platform that allows artists working in these fields to seek answers to uncertainties or questions about the conditions and circumstances under which they will survive.

How does a perfectly empty and safe space remain valid during a time in which we are discussing globally how all forms of art will survive? And with the new ways of perception we are acquiring now, what can we rebuild in these spaces in which we have existed all throughout our lives. With these questions in mind, we started this project. We will be sharing 60 minute online streams of the artistic articulations of the invited artists either from their homes, or from PS02, our studio at Bomonti. In this project, in which space and its relationship with art is placed at the center and where the today and the future of this relationship are discussed, through the sharings made by the artists with different artistic views, based on their own modes of existence, maybe we will not find all the answers but we will learn to ask the right questions. And by developing an awareness of the new reality brought on by the now, we will continue to move and produce.

The possibilities of a choreography: creating through digital media

Ufuk Şenel and Ekin Tunçeli, who have formed a collaboration to start their work in May under PURESPACE, will be approaching their new project through the possibilities of today. From this research perspective, they aim to experience the familiar production parameters along with the current ones over a virtual environment, by approaching the extraordinary situations introduced into our lives through the times we are living in.

They will do a live broadcast of their work they are calling The possibilities of a choreography: creating through digital media via an online platform on Tuesdays and Fridays between 16:00-18:00 every week and they will also record it on that platform. In this project, besides witnessing the production stage of the work, the audience will also be able to contribute to the ongoing creative process. When the project is completed, the performance will meet with its audience both in a physical location and on an online platform.