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Şima Uyar

After completing her undergraduate, graduate and doctorate education in the ITU Control and Computer Engineering department, Şima Uyar worked as an associate professor in the Computer Engineering Department of the same university until 2019. Currently she is working as a full professor in the FSMVU Computer Engineering Department.

After receiving her ballet certificate from Olga Nuray Olcay ballet school in 1983, she continued her training until 1995. She started her modern dance training with Haldun Yedican at the Dans Akademik School in 1991 and worked there with dancers such as Candaş Baş, Mustafa Kaplan and Ziya Azazi. Between the years 2013 and 2018, she continued her modern dance training at Mavidans Ballet and Dance School with Nurhan Nebioğlu, and achieved her certificate. During this period, she took modern dance technique classes from instructors such as Bengi Sevim, Julia Ritter, Ayrin Ersöz, Canan Yücel Pekiçten, Serhat Kural, Yeşim Coşkun, Aslı Öztürk, Melih Kıraç and participated in the Axis Syllabus workshops given by Barış Mıhçı. She also had the opportunity to work with names such as Yoshiko Chuma, Francisco Camacho, Leyla Postalcıoğlu, Kamola Rashidova and Melissa Ugolini in the workshops she attended. She started training with Ufuk Şenel in 2014 and still collaborates with him in various contexts. In 2019, together with Ezgi Türker, she launched a project series focusing on conducting research in contemporary dance history and giving lecture performances on its prominent figures. As the first in this series, they created a lecture performance titled "Trio F5" on Yvonne Rainer. The lecture performance on Merce Cunningham, titled "Heads/Tails", was the second one in the series. Şima Uyar is one of the co-founders and managers of PURESPACE, which was launched in 2020. She continues her artistic productions and academic studies within the scope of this organization.